Epoxy Undercoat

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Epoxy Undercoat from Stone Coat Countertops will seal and bond a firm foundation for your epoxy project. This will give it a thicker and denser look, while also helping it last longer. Our Undercoat is a mixture of primer and paint, which works as a base coat for the surface of your epoxy project. Great for MDF, plywood, veneer, laminate, tile, and other porous materials! Fast drying and Ammonia-free.

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Bonding Primer & Sealer

Stone Coat Bonding Primer & Sealer is recommended for all smooth surfaces prior to application of Epoxy Undercoat. It produces an exceptional bonding performance to give you added confidence that your surface is prepped for maximum adhesion.

Stone Coat Countertops Europe Epoxy Undercoat White
Epoxy Undercoat
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