£ 4.99

Purpose-made for mixing resin, these mixing cups are made from tough transparent polypropylene. Graduated in accurate metric measurements, these cups hold 600 cubic centimetres (cc).

£ 4.99

Discover the secret to flawless epoxy projects with the Stone Coat Countertops 1/8” Square Notch Trowel. This essential tool ensures consistent and perfect epoxy application, every time. Our all-steel notched trowel is specially designed for epoxy work, guaranteeing optimal depth and even spreading for that ideal epoxy thickness.

£ 2.75

Disposable Mixing Sticks in box of 100. These low cost wooden mixing sticks are ideal for mixing smaller quantities of resin and pigments.

£ 5.63

Introducing the Bosch Paint Mixer attachment – a robust and dependable paint mixer designed for drills. Crafted from high-quality steel, this attachment has a 6mm straight shank, ensuring it stands the test of time and delivers reliable performance. With the Bosch Mixer attachment, you can effortlessly mix resin for all of your DIY, decorating and resin projects.

£ 8.50£ 10.50

Disposable laminating brushes available in boxes of 12. Available in two sizes. Use brushes to chop the surface of an epoxy application, commonly used to remove any trowel marks.

£ 14.90

Protect your floor and remove air bubbles during application with these Spiked Shoes for Epoxy Floor Installation. Precisely positioned around the base, the steel spikes allow for balance when walking on epoxy and other gunite materials, while protecting these materials from footprints.

£ 27.50

Designed to ensure precise resin application to any surface, this Serrated Squeegee helps you achieve a smooth and even resin surface. With a width of 46cm (18″) and serration depth of 4mm. Broom handle attachment not included.

£ 12.85

These Nitrile Gloves are flexible, fitting and remove the risk of latex allergens. When working with certain materials it is important not to wear latex gloves as the sulphur residue can inhibit the cure. Available in boxes of 100. In sizes small, medium and large.

£ 7.45

Robust yet lightweight, Tyvek 500 Xpert suits have a 3-piece hood for optimal fit to head and face when turning. Elasticated face, wrists and ankles as well as glued-in waist elastic provide a secure, comfortable fit. Offering enhanced protection against a range of threats, from water-based chemical liquid splashes, asbestos, pharmaceutical and radioactive particulates to biological hazards.

£ 1.50£ 10.00

Use these Heavy duty sponges for ‘stippling’ the surface of projects. Very useful when applying coloured epoxy for art effects, such as creating pores or other organic decoration.

£ 6.50

Anti-mist UV safety glasses with a clear polycarbonate lens. These Honeywell safety glasses give you excellent eye protection with various applications. A stylish lightweight design providing a wrap-around fit and are comfortable to wear all day.

£ 29.95

The 3M 4251 Reusable Dust Mask features A1/ P2 filters to protect against organic vapours and particulates e.g. paint spraying. With two large bonded carbon filters for low breathing resistance and a soft and non-allergenic face piece material, this mask is CE marked with European Standard EN405:2001 certification.