£ 49.19

Stone Coat Countertops is proud to present our Ultimate Top Coat, made with revolutionary hybrid coating technology to extend the lifespan of your epoxy project. Unparalleled protection with heat resistance, UV resistance and scratch resistance! This is the ultimate solution for long-lasting, durable epoxy surfaces including countertops, shower walls, woodworking projects, and art pieces.

£ 64.27£ 405.58

Stone Coat Countertops have worked together with epoxy resin artists to formulate Art Coat epoxy. This resin has been made specifically with artists in mind, creating an easy to use 1:1 mix ratio product which delivers outstanding results. Ideal for projects with white and light-coloured epoxy, as well as creating stunning epoxy artwork. The only limit is your imagination!

£ 4.99

Discover the secret to flawless epoxy projects with the Stone Coat Countertops 1/8” Square Notch Trowel. This essential tool ensures consistent and perfect epoxy application, every time. Our all-steel notched trowel is specially designed for epoxy work, guaranteeing optimal depth and even spreading for that ideal epoxy thickness.

£ 33.45£ 115.45

Use Quick Coat with Epoxy Thickener for increasing the viscosity for vertical and sloped projects, including shower walls. Artists love using Quick Coat epoxy to create geodes for their art pieces. Wood workers love our Quick Coat for 3D objects, such as coating driftwood. This product is classed as hazardous and is unavailable for delivery outside of Mainland UK. If you do require this product, please contact us with your order details and delivery address and we will generate a shipping quotation for you.

£ 32.95

Use Polishing & Cleaning Epoxy on old surfaces and counters to make them look brand new again! Remove scratches, stains, blemishes, and other imperfections from the surface of your epoxy project. Contains 16oz of Polishing Compound and 16oz of Liquid Smooth Cleaner.