Project Builder – Building New Countertops

Looking to remodel your kitchen or renovate your home’s countertops? Discover the revolutionary leader in epoxy countertops and resin woodworking! If your countertops are damaged, deteriorating or maybe you’re starting from scratch, it may be time to build new ones from MDF. Let Stone Coat guide you through the entire process, ensuring your project is a success.

Try this link instead, if you're looking to update old countertops.

What Shape is my Countertop?

Stone Coat Countertops USA have provided this useful measuring guide in the form of a YouTube video (below). While this uses Square Footage instead of Metres, we have done the work for you with our Epoxy Calculator Form which will accurately use your measurements and help you make the right selection of Stone Coat Epoxy.

How much Epoxy do I need?

Which Size Epoxy Kit Do I need?

0.5 Gallon Kit

Up to 0.93 sq. metres

1 Gallon Kit

Up to 1.86 sq. metres

2 Gallon Kit

Up to 3.72 sq. metres

4 Gallon Kit

Up to 7.43 sq. metres

If the total square metres of your volumetric calculation exceeds that of the kit sizes above, then you can use the 'Additional Epoxy' selection within the builder below, to add multiple kits of epoxy to your cart before checkout. For example a 4-gallon kit + a 2-gallon kit would cover up to 11.15 sq. metres.

Start Building your Epoxy Countertops